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Q: Do you actually bring the photo booth right to the event?

A: Yes, our booths are portable and we set them up on location.

Q: What are the dimensions of a PIXSTAR Photobooth?

A: Dimensions are: 6.4 feet high x 4 feet wide x 7 feet deep. An extra few feet on each side and some space in front are appreciated also for the line-up, ease of guests going in and out of the booth and for the prop box.

Q: Do you just drop-off the photo booth at the event?

A: Besides the timely delivery and removal of the photo booth, we also provide an on-site host to keep an eye  on the photo booth during the event to make sure it's running smoothly the entire time -- and to assist guests as necessary.

Q: Will the photos fade or change color afterwards like many Polaroids, instant photo novelties or some other digital photo booths?

A: Our photos prints are professional studio quality and will not fade.

Q: What kind of printer do you use?

A: We use the high quality Epson ink-jet printers. Our photo print quality is second to none in the industry.

Q: How long does it take for the photos to print?

A: Photos are printed out of the photo booth in less than a minute using the same high-quality printing      process used by professional photographers, graphic designers and publishers.

Q: Can guests use the photo booth as often as they like during the event?

A: Yes, guests are welcome to unlimited free usage for the duration of our rental.

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of ALL the photos from my event?

A: All the photos from the photo booth will be saved on a DVD and given to you at the end of the event. We do offer a post-event reprinting service.  Your photos will also be uploaded to your own personal online gallery with a password that you can provide to your guests.  Photo prints are then downloadable!

Q: What size are the photos printed by the photo booth?

A: You may choose from a variety of photo print formats:  4"x6" printed either vertically or horizontally or the  super popular photo strip format, remniscent of the traditional photo booths.  You can find samples of  each of our 8 photo formats on the Photo Options page of our website.

Q: Can we choose the colour of the backdrop?

A: Yes, you can choose between black, royal blue, purple, red, white, sage green or damask. We also offer a GREEN SCREEN option if you prefer at no extra charge.

Q: What about power? Is any special kind of hookup necessary?

A: No. A standard 120v electrical outlet is all that's needed, preferably within 30 feet.

Q: What is needed to book the photo booth?  How early should I book?

A: We recommend you reserve a booth as early as possible since our dates book up fast. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking, along with a signed contract.

Q: How many photo booth sessions can we accommodate per hour?

A: Our photo booths can accommodate 35  booth session per hour. Our booth is larger than your standard booth and it’s camera settings can be adjusted to allow up to 12 people in the booth!

Q: How long does it take to setup a PIXSTAR photo booth at my special event?

A: A PIXSTAR photo booth is delivered one hour before your special event, unless there are special             requirements for the delivery such as an elevator, a loading bay or tight spaces!

Q: Is the setup time part of the photo booth rental period?

A: No. The rental period begins when the attendant starts taking photos of the guests at the start time you indicated on the contract.

Q: Can a PIXSTAR photo booth be set up outdoors?

A: Yes, provided there is good weather, a tent or canopy. It's usually better to set up the booth indoors,    however, where the lighting conditions don't vary as much.

Q: What is the best location for a PIXSTAR photo booth?

A: The best location for set-up of is near entrances and out of areas that will be highly congested or busy. The photo booth tends to bring its own crowd and line-up, so having it in an area where you can have more as much space as possible is best.

Q: What type of guest book do you use?  What about the other materials?

A: Our standard guest book/custom album is a beautiful, high quality 12' x 12' black leather book.  Other   colours are available by request.  We use archival quality gold and silver markers or black pens, depending on whether you choose white or black pages.  The cost of the album includes all materials:  album, unlimited pages, pens and double-sided tape and the labour to put it all together for you!

Q: Can I supply the guest book and markers instead of the ones you use?

A: Yes. If you have a certain color scheme or design you want to achieve, you can provide the guest book and markers. Please make sure to inform us before the event.  We will adjust the price to reflect the fact that you are providing some of the materials.

Q: I want to see a sample of the photos before I decide to book a PIXSTAR photo booth.  Is that possible?

A: Yes it is possible and highly recommended that you do this before you book any rental. You will get       beautiful high quality photo prints form us. Please let us know and an event specialist will be happy to meet you in person and show you photo samples. You can also view our Gallery page or check out the Photo Options page our website.  We also have no problem at all popping a few  samples in snail mail for you!

Q: Is there a minimum rental period for a PIXSTAR photo booth?  What about extra hours?  Do you have a daily rate?

A: Yes. The minimum rental period is 2 hours ($600). Additional hours are $225.  Our daily rate is $1800 for 8 hours. Watch for our current promotions on our Rates page!

Q: Aside from the rental price, do you charge the guests too?

A: No. The service is complimentary to the guests. PIXSTAR photo booths are NOT coin operated.  Another advantage is that when one group is finished taking their picture, the next group can begin, even before     the first groups photos are printed. That means NO LONG LINES, as with most photo booths.

Q: Can we have a special message on our photos?

A: Yes! We create custom event graphics for your photo prints.  Place names, individuals names, dates,     company logos...really anything that you like can be incorporated in your design! Just supply us with a       JPEG of your logo or text (in a large size and at as high a resolution as possible) that you would like            printed on the photo prints and we will do the rest.  You can also specify details of font, colour and             theme...the only limit is your imagination!

Q: What other custom options do you offer?

A: Besides our beautiful custom albums, we also offer custom photo frames, a custom slide show option,  a light box photo print option (where we can display a photo, graphics or text of your choice printed onto a special translucency and back lit), photo button making, VIDEO BOOTH and a fantastically fun prop box   that will have your guests howling and ensure some super-memorable pictures!

Any questions we didn't answer?

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